What is the purpose of the bank credit mediator?

Need quick money?

Need quick money,

If you need a lot of money as quickly as possible due to a financial emergency or an upcoming purchase, there are various options available. Often you will not be able to avoid debt in any form, especially in the commercial sector. A solid and generally also serious and promising variant is taking out a loan or loan.

In this case, there are a few things to consider. There is a lot more at stake with business people than with private individuals, because risky trading or indebtedness affect the entire company. It is therefore worthwhile to seek professional help.

Germany joined a European credit mediation initiative in 2009. So there is hope that in the event of credit difficulties someone will be on hand to act as an intermediary between the parties involved. The Federal Government hopes to avoid financing problems with companies and thus indirectly to deal with problems such as job loss and bankruptcy. In March 2010, the credit mediator responsible for the federal territory took office. He works closely with the Fine Bank and Industry and the Chamber of Crafts.

Loan for entrepreneur

Loan for entrepreneur,

If an entrepreneur applies for a loan and has not been granted it, or if there are difficulties after the promise, the credit mediator can advise and even influence the credit institution if necessary. The criterion must be met that the loan is at least USD 15,000 and that the rejection has not passed longer than three months.

The close cooperation between the credit mediator and the chambers of crafts ensures that companies receive practical tips and that the best possible funding options are found and offered. In this respect, the chambers of crafts are sometimes the first point of contact for craft businesses in the event of financial difficulties.

The mediator is obliged to be neutral, but the chamber is allowed to take the side of the companies. Relevant experience and specialist knowledge make it possible to assess exactly where the problem lies and how it can be solved as effectively and quickly as possible. The advisor to the Chamber of Crafts, the mediator and the credit parties involved often sit down at a joint negotiating table – but of course the clarification of a situation cannot be guaranteed.

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